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[RQ] [Glorantha] Message from Greg Stafford

2011/03/11 の地震で被災された方々には心よりお見舞い申し上げます。わたしの東京の職場ではガラスがかなり割れましたが怪我人も無く、元気にしています。

今回の地震に関して Greg Stafford 氏からメールが届き、他の日本の Glorantha ファンにも伝えて欲しいとのことなので掲載します。

差出人: Greg Stafford
件名: My Distant GTA Friends
日時: 2011年3月20日 12:25:50JST

My Distant GTA Friends,

I have been feeling very concerned for your collective welfare lately.

I send my good wishes to every one of you in difficult times, with a hope all are well.

It seems sometimes we do not choose our heroquests, and I hope whatever powers you might have learned in Glorantha will be with you now.

Please let me know that you are well, and please pass this message on to other Japanese fans. I am afraid that this old GTA email list is not complete.

Blessing on you all,

Greg Stafford


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